Property and Casualty

Any insurance broker can send your information to markets and hope for the best quote. Our approach? Make you more insurable so that you do get the best quote.

  • Marketing

  • Custom Strategy

  • Implementation

  • Reinforcement

  • Maximum Insurability

Making a Difference

The “JJ Doorhy Approach” is proactive program that helps companies achieve sustained, long term savings, safety and success. It was developed by Jerry Doorhy back in 2009 after meeting with a heavy truck repair company that was tired of watching their premium increase every year.

Rather than send their information to market and hope for the best price like all the other brokers had done, Jerry analyzed their loss history and developed a strategy to reverse the trend. They bought in and five years later, the customer had seen their number of claims almost vanish and their insurance costs reduced by almost $300,000.

Since then we have implemented our approach at companies from several different industries with varying loss history. From companies looking to stop claims from spinning out of control to companies with excellent loss history looking to keep it that way, to companies that find themselves somewhere in the middle. No matter what your loss history is, our approach is the perfect fit for anyone interested in maintaining a safe workplace and keeping their insurance costs trending in the right direction.


It all starts with your employees. The first step is helping them develop good habits, like communication, openness and care.

Workplace Safety

It takes an average of 66 days to develop a habit so, improving workplace safety isn’t going to happen over night. Our approach involves consistent reinforcement of safety practices so that habits are developed and results are realized.

Winning Culture

Culture is the key to long term change. Our approach will help you improve your existing culture so that safety is at the forefront.

Long Term Savings

We value strong partnerships and long lasting relationships, which is why our approach is designed to help companies achieve long term, sustained savings.

Company A

Year Workers
Year 5   $105,548  .99
Year 4 $113,828  1.21
Year 3 $158,698  1.44
Year 2 $158,953  1.45
Year 1  $177,093  1.56

Company B

Year Workers
Year 5   $598,140  .96
Year 4 $773,802  1.28
Year 3 $812,071  1.18
Year 2 $910,961  1.56
Year 1  $741,474  1.41

*Company names have been protected. All savings and numbers at real.

Bring Our Approach to Your Company

Our approach and risk management is not limited to any one industry. We are capable of providing insurance solutions for any industry including the following…



Transportation & Trucking


Construction and Contractors




Metal Recycling


Real Estate


Neuromonitoring & Medical Equipment

Food & Beverage


Equipment & Party Rental


Elevator Contractors


Directional Boring Insurance




Heavy Equipment Repair


Waste Disposal & Removal