The J.J. Doorhy approach to health insurance involves bringing large market solutions to middle sized companies within the 25-500 employee space.


A fully-insured health plan is the traditional way to structure an employer-sponsored health plan. With a fully-insured health plan, the company pays a premium to the insurance carrier. The premium rates are fixed for a year, based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan each month.

Level-Funded Plans

A level funded health plan (also known as a partially self-funded plan) is a type of health insurance plan that combines the cost savings and customization of self-funding with the financial safety and predictability of fully funded plans. Employers still contract with insurance companies, but agree to take on more of the financial risk.

Health Captive Solutions

A Captive is an independent insurance company created and owned by at least one non-insurance company to assume the employee benefits risks of the captive owner/owners. Incorporating a Captive into a plan strategy allows members to benefit from being owners in an insurance company.  The insured also benefits from the funds remaining after all claims are paid.

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